Yes, after 4 1/2 years of bare wood floors, I’ve got the family room floors covered. I’ve had many questions and comments from readers through the years, wondering if I had something against rugs since I have so few of them. But, that really wasn’t the case. I think it was more because we had lived in a carpeted house for so many years before, that we didn’t want to cover our floors up once we moved in here!

But, I finally decided it was time, and after searching around, I found this one at Overstock. And we are loving it.

There’s a hugedifference between this room now and the pic below with no rug, huh?

It’s an 8’x10′ handwoven seagrass rug with a tan border, and even with it’s rustic texture, it adds a cozy element to our family room.

I love this one because it has a little more detail than a typical sisal rug. Can you see the subtle chevron stripe texture?

And it’s backed with a great protective under layer, too.

My affiliate link for this rug is HERE and its a great deal for a rug of this size and quality!

This might just be the year of the rugs for me since I bought one for my Master Bedroom a couple months ago and I’m still on the lookout for just the right one in the Piano Room, too.

Do you have it covered when it comes to the floors in your house or do you prefer your floors au naturel?