I recently found this great pedestal bowl planter at Marshall’s that I thought would be great on my porch…

The only problem was that it had a drainage hole, and since I didn’t want it leaking on my table all the time, I had to find a way to fix it.

So I took a piece of duct tape and covered the hole well, pressing down all around to form a seal.

Then I just used some basic window and door caulk to make it waterproof.

Just squeeze out the caulk over the duct tape area and spread it around with your finger. Be sure to extend past the tape to seal all the sides.

Then, just let it dry for several hours or overnight. Pour a little water in the bottom to test it once it’s dry.

Since the plant will still need gooddrainage once it’s planted, I recommend placing some rocks or styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of the planter before adding the soil.

Once you’ve done that, pop in the plant, and you’ve got a great, leak-proof planter for your indoor space!

Hope this quick fix is a help to you, too, as you prep your outdoor spaces. Happy planting!