I’m still working my way around the house, bringing in the Spring a little at a time, before I get serious about the yard and outdoor spaces. I’m ready for warm weather and all the fun that comes with it. Who’s with me?

The past few days, I’ve focused on the family room, giving it a little wake-up for Spring.

My biggest challenge in this room has always been the TV. It’s a beast, which is great for movie night with the fam, but it really gets in the way of styling the mantel.

Anyone else have this challenge? I’ve got just a few inches to work with on each side to add a little height, but otherwise, everything has to be small to stay out of the way of the screen.

I’ve already heard a few complaints that my new head planter from Hobby Lobby with its faux monstera leaves get in the way a little, but it’s staying. People in my house have strong feelings about head planters anyway. What do you think of them?

On the other side, I had just enough room for this cute, mirrored acrylic candle holder I found at a local décor shop. And since I had to keep things on the down-low, I wrapped a couple books in gold striped wrapping paper and added this small snail on top.

Gotta love Target clearance finds!

And another great clearance find was this white garden seat from Marshall’s…

I freshened up my $8 yard sale chair with my bright throw and pillow…

And then added some Spring color to the sofa with some yellow pillows and a coral throw (also from Marshall’s). If you want to know more about my white sofa, click here!

Hope you like this new look! Let me know what you think of it. And if you thinkthis space needs a rug–guess what? I think I’mfinally ready. Stay tuned for that. ***UPDATE: Click here to see the new rug!

How are you refreshing your house for Spring?