Y’all know I love a cute party printable almost as much as I love chalkboards. And whether you’re having a New Year’s party or just celebrating at home with your favorites, I hope you can use these to make your New Year bright.

I used them to get my seasonal shelves ready to ring in 2014, complete with a mini hot cocoa bar for the kids.

Remember this Duck Tape art from the spring and these “birch wood” vases from Christmas? Well, they’re backagain.

These teal party napkins from Dollar General are the perfect match to the printables AND I discovered that these kinds of napkins are great for using to make the tissue tassels that are so popular right now.

You may have made these with tissue paper like I’ve seen done many times, but using the napkins makes it a tad easier and they’ll match your party perfectly!

Start by positioning the napkin where the first fold is at the top and the second fold is on the left.

Then, cut it into strips, stopping about an inch from the top.

Open it up, then scrunch and roll.

Then, just fold it over and twist, leaving a little loop at the top for the string or ribbon.

Mini pom poms can also be made from the napkins by cutting a smaller section of the napkin in a couple layers, folding it like the tassel and following the same method.

But instead of folding and twisting it in the final step, tie it with some twine and then fluff.

Use the twine to tie it onto a string for a banner…

Use the printables for banners, cupcake circles, or whatever else you can dream up…

Click on the links below to download and print…

Happy New Year Banner

Party Circles and Flags

8×10 Print

Hope you like them! Pin, share, and enjoy!