Here’s a little handmade gift idea just in time for the Christmas season that anyone can make, even if you’re not the crafty type. I’ve shown you versions of this before with my Blessings Board and larger Glass Boards, and now I’ve got a smaller version, easy for you to customize with your own style.

This project starts with a basic frame in the color and size of your choice. (Plain Dollar Store frames will work just fine!)

Then, cut some patterned paper to fit the frame. I made an 8×10, so I used patterned scrapbook paper. If you want to make a large memo board to hang on the wall, you can use wrapping paper or even fabric for your background.













Once the paper is cut, customize it with letter stickers or other sticker embellishments.

I found some great gold reflective stickers at Hobby Lobby and made a 3-letter monogram for mine.

Then, the paper goes into the frame and it’s done!

The glass of the frame makes a perfect write-on, wipe-off board. Just use a dry erase marker to write the messages, then any dry cloth will wipe it off.

By the way, if you write your grocery list on a memo board, there’s no need to re-write it on paper before you head to the store. Just snap a pic of your board with your phone and you’ve got your list with you when you go!

These boards also make great To Do lists to hang by the back door.

I hope this inspires you with ideas for those on your Christmas list! My girls are already asking me to make some for their rooms. I think I can handle that.