I’m really loving “preppy” this fall, and it’s influencing not only my wardrobe, but my fall decorating. And that kinda got me thinking again about how fashion and decorating go hand in hand. They’re like BFF’s living next door to each other on the same classy street. So, for all of you fall fashionistas out there who are pinning your fingers to the bone on Pinterest, remember you can dress up your house using the same inspiration.

Just to prove my point, I put together this little preppy fall outfit on Pinterest because it’s totally something I would wear…

And since I have very similar pieces already in my closet, you might even see me in this this fall.

Using the same preppy vibe, I put together my new fall wreaths which are now happily hanging on my doors.

See the similarities?

Maybe a little different than the traditional colors of the season, but still decidedly “Fall”.

And so super-easy, they were done in 10 minutes.

I started with bare grapevine wreaths (I just stripped mine down from last year. You can use these over and over again!), along with some great navy chevron burlap ribbon, some teal grosgrain ribbon, and a couple bunches of fall mums from Hobby Lobby.

Then, I made the bow from the chevron. If you’ve never made these, here are the 3 easy steps…

First, I looped the ribbon into 4 layers…

Then, pinched them together in the middle and twisted a little floral wire around it…

Then I cut one more length of ribbon and tied it over the center to create the knot and tails!

Then, I just wired it onto the wreath.

Next, I cut the stems from the flower bunches with wire cutters and just stuck them in around the bow.

I also added in a little green grass I had from my old wreath, just to add a little more texture.

The teal ribbon for hanging added just a punch more of color.

All it really needs is a pair of leopard flats!

And since I re-used my grapevine wreaths from last year, each wreath cost less than $10!

So, the doors are officially dressed for fall. More preppy fall fun to come.

If you’d like to see my fall wreaths from previous years, click here, here, andhere!

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