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Is it bad that my kids know what day of the week it is based on what we’re having for breakfast?

It’s really just the younger ones, but they’ve pretty much come to expect that Saturday mornings mean pancakes, Sunday mornings mean muffins, and if it’s an English muffin with jam and fruit, it must be a weekday! (Anyone else do this?)

Of course we mix it up here and there, but they love the routine and I love how quick and easy it is to make our faves. And with Walmart’s prices on our favorites like Hungry Jack© pancake mix, Martha White© muffin mixes, Smuckers© jams and jellies, and Folgers© coffee, summer breakfast costs just pennies per serving! A way better deal than grabbing fast food.

We’ve always got our pantry stocked with our go-to favorites. (By the way–have you ever tried mixing two different flavors of Martha White muffin mix? Yum!)

Even when we have company, we like to serve them our favorites with a few special twists. Kids especially love to set up pancake bars with all kinds of toppings like fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, sprinkles and even peanut butter.

And the muffins and pancakes are simple enough to make that the kids love learning to cook and bake for themselves!

Even when we’re on the go with fun summer activites, they’ve learned that it’s important to start the day with a delicious breakfast.

Watch this short video to learn about the Walmart Multibrand Breakfast Program and then get to Walmart to stock up on your family’s favorites!

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