So, my fascination with miniature gardening that started last year has carried over into this year and my new herb garden came out looking like a small-scale garden party. {Click here to see my first miniature garden of herbs I did last year.}

My drink tub-turned-container garden worked great last time, so I just cleaned it out and started over.

Re-using some of my little accessories from last year and adding a new little garden bunting made from scrap fabrics, I came up with the little fairy garden party of herbs.

I used these little slate plant markers from West Elm as well, although I found out that my chalk markers showed up much better for labeling than the crayon that came in the package. For another fun way to label your herbs, click here.

Simple, yet enchanting– even for life-sized people!

I’ve already made a few great fresh herb recipes that I’ll share with you later, but for now, I’m sharing this with some of these friends!

And for some tips on growing and harvesting herbs, check out this post I recently found on Pinterest.