It’s actually a good plan for any day of the week, but especially for Valentine’s Day. Husbands love it. And women everywhere are getting better at it all the time. It’s the fine art of K.I.S.S.-ing.

I’m talking about “Keeping it Simple, Sweetie,” in case you’re confused on that. {But the other kind is a pretty good plan as well!}

Like I’m always saying, it doesn’t require tons of talent or a big budget to show your family or your guests that you love them.

There are a lot of simple things you can do for Valentine’s Day to really show the love, like setting a special table with your nice dishes and a few added touches. I dressed up my dining room for Valentine’s Day for under $12, including the fresh flowers!

I started with a plain white tablecloth and added some color with a “runner” which is actually some cute wrapping paper. This is the second time I’ve used this idea recently and I’m really starting to like it.

And what is Valentine’s Day without roses? But, as we know, cut flower prices can get expensive in February. Another option is to buy potted miniature roses and place them in a cute container for a centerpiece. I bought a couple plants at Dollar General for only $3.95 each and put them in a metal container I already had with a little burlap.

And the great thing is, they’ll last longer than cut stems as well!

For a simple, yet pretty place setting, use your nice dishes and just dress them up a little with a nice napkin in a napkin ring. You don’t even have to use cloth ones. Take two quality paper dinner napkins (like Vanity Fair), open them up, layer them together, then pull through a napkin ring. That way, they look dressy, but your guests won’t have to worry about ruining them with lipstick and you won’t have to worry about washing them.

For some easy and inexpensive decor, buy some doily hearts from the Dollar Store and make some 3-D hearts to hang from the chandelier. Just take 3 doilies, fold them in half, then glue the backs together and add some fishing wire for hanging.

Cut a few X’s and O’s out of some old book pages or cute paper and string them up for a little more love.

Just remember, it all starts from the heart. Keep practicing being a good K.I.S.S.-er and they’re sure to feel the love.

Looking for a great meal idea to make for your Valentine? Try my easy Filet Mignon. I make it for my husband every Valentine’s Day and he thinks I’m a genius.

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Happy Valentine’s Week!