So, we got a little something today that we don’t often see here in Tennessee…snow!

And I was totally prepared for it with bread, milk, and these really cute Valentine mittens I just made from one of my old sweaters.

I saw Martha make mittens this way years ago, and the added hearts were inspired by some I saw somewhere on Pinterest. Wanna make some, too? Here’s how:

Make a pattern by drawing around the shape of your hand. Be sure to allow about a half inch border all around for seam allowance.

Next, cut the mitten pieces, placing the pattern at the bottom edge of the sweater so your mittens will have a finished edge at the opening.

With right sides together, sew a half-inch seam around each mitten, then turn right side out.

To add the hearts, cut a half-heart pattern to the size you want. Then adhere an iron-on adhesive, such as Heat ‘N Bond, to some felt, and cut two parts of the heart from the felt.

Then, just peel the backing from the adhesive and iron it onto the mittens.

Make some for yourself and for someone you love!

And for another great sewing project using an old sweater, check out this how-to for a cute coffee cozy!