So, what exactly is the deal with Forever 21? I mean, is it really a requirement to be 21 or under to be allowed to shop here? Are the designers getting their inspiration from high school yearbooks from the 80’s? Do they actually train the teeny-bopper workers to look down at you when you walk in and start to browse? And did I really just say “teeny-bopper”? Because I may have just proved, that, yes, I am too old to shop at Forever 21.

But, despite the fact that I’m obviously not fooling anyone into thinking I’m remotely close to 21 when I shop here, it doesn’t stop me from going in once in awhile. I mean, really- I can’t think of one other place in town where you can find a skinny cheetah belt for $2.50. It’s just not gonna happen. And whether you’re 21 or 81, you know that’s a good deal.

And I don’t know if it was “the new me” that’s emerged since all my kids are now in school, or the questioning looks I received as I browsed the metallic leggings rack, but as I shopped yesterday, I thought to myself, “You could totally wear these clothes if you wanted to.” Twenty-one schmenty-one. If the girl with the crazy-high hair over there could wear it, so could I.

So I picked out a few choice outfits and thought I’d share them with you all.

First was the polka dot mini dress with black leggings. Not bad, but there was just something about it that screamed, “I’m on my way to try out for ‘Swan Lake’ and I hope they don’t tell me I’m too old again this year.”

So, I moved on to what I’m calling the “Oh No You Di’un”. Because I know that’s what my sister is saying about now. This would actually be the perfect outfit for running to Walmart for some Easy Cheese. But, since I haven’t done that since around 1993, I had to pass.

So, I moved on to the next one, which I call “The Cat From Outerspace” because of the kitty dress and the aforementioned metallic leggings. This one was actually my favorite because I couldn’t stop thinking of how mortified my teenagers would be to see me wearing this. I may just have to get this one to pop in at the school cafeteria one day.

And through all my searching, I actually came across a couple pieces that would work just fine for a Forever 30-Something like me.

The black and white skirt withthe cute red belt wassomethingI think even Kate Spade would approve of. And it was only $17 and change. Gotta love that.

So, no, I’m not 21. In fact, I’m not even 31, but I could totally pull off a studded red pleather vest if I wanted to. Do I want to, you ask? No, thanks. I think I’ll pass.

pleated poppy