Beaded ribbon necklaces are possibly the simplest type of necklace to make. One of these little beauties might just be the perfect accessory you need to go with that new summer outfit. All you have to do to make one is thread a ribbon through some beads. But if you’ve tried this, you know that sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Here are a couple of tips and methods I’ve found that work for me…

Start with the right ribbon and beads. The ribbon obviously has to be small enough to fit through the hole, so be sure to choose beads that don’t have a microscopic hole and a ribbon that’s not crazy-thick.

After that, you can use one of these methods to string on the beads.

1. Aluminum foil method:

Cut your ribbon at a sharp angle on one end and then wrap a small piece of foil around the tip, creating a sharp point on the end of the ribbon. Be sure to squeeze and twist the foil tightly so it’s small enough to fit through the hole of the bead.

2. Threaded wire method:

Cut a thin piece of wire and fold it in half, letting the ribbon rest in the fold, creating a threaded needle technique. Then, just poke the wire through the bead and let the ribbon follow.

Once you’ve threaded all your beads onto the ribbon, tie it to the length you want it and snip the edges of the ribbon.

A little clear nail polish on each ribbon edge will keep them from fraying.

These necklaces are super-simple with the right techniques. What will you wear with yours?

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