So, here’s my view as I write to you today, bare feet and all, because I’m so excited about my latest addition to the screened porch. (See them glowing up there?)

I’m decorating on a budget, like many of you have told me you’re doing, so projects get done in order of when I find the deals.

I’ve been wanting to hang lanterns by the door on the porch for a while, but I never could find the right ones for the right price. I really love all the ones at Pottery Barn, but I didn’t want to pay that much, so I waited. And waited. And never found them last year, so I waited until this year and searched again. And finally, there they were–at (of course) Hobby Lobby. At (of course) a fraction of the price.

These gorgeous Arches Lanterns from Pottery Barn are $49-$79 each, depending on size…

But I got this similar look at Hob Lob for only $15 when candleholders were on sale. And the size is slightly bigger than Pottery Barn’s small.

And while these Pottery Barn hooks are very nice, they’re $19…

So, I used these plant hangers from Lowe’s for only $3.97.

Just a little reminder that with a little patience and creativity, you can get a great look for less. And then you’ll have some money left over for things like cute shoes, which I’m gonna need if I ever decide to leave this porch.

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