Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a great recipe for you that’s easy & delicious. These would be the perfect ending to your Valentine’s Day dinner.

I adapted this recipe from one I found here. I’ve used it in the past, & they are yummy! But, I decided to try something new with it, & I think you’ll like it, too.

The easiest thing about these is that the crust is actually an Oreo, so no need to spend extra time making a crust. And, they’re baked in cupcake liners, which cuts down on baking time.

The secret little ingredient is my current favorite Starbucks syrup: Raspberry! This stuff is great for making Raspberry Mochas at home. (Follow my directions I gave for the Peppermint Mochas here.) And these large bottles of syrup are only $7.95 at most Starbucks stores.

So here’s the recipe for you…

Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes(2) 8-oz packages of cream cheese, softened

1/4 cup sugar

2 T Starbucks Raspberry Syrup (other raspberry syrups should work as well)

2 eggs

12 Oreos

Raspberries & chocolate syrup to garnish

1. Heat oven to 350°.

2. Beat cream cheese, sugar, and raspberry syrup until well blended. Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating on low after each until blended.

3. Place 1 Oreo in the bottom of each of 12 paper or foil muffin cups. Cover with batter.

4. Bake 20 minutes or until center is almost set. Cool. Refrigerate for 3 hours. Top with raspberries and chocolate syrup before serving.

Take these the next time you need to bring something to a party. Or just whip some up for yourself when you’re craving cheesecake! Either way, I think you’ll like them.

I’ll be sharing this with a few of these friends.