I told you I’d give you the story behind my best Black Friday score ever, so here it is…When my sister & I went out on Black Friday morning, the main thing we wanted were the $5 fresh wreaths & garland the Lowes circular had convinced us we needed. And once we had loaded up the back of the truck with our greenery, we got Peppermint Mochas & said, “Now what?”.We do a lot of our Christmas shopping online, & since we’re not “shop-all-night”, “risk-your-life-to save-10-bucks” types of girls, we headed away from the crowds to a small salvage store we’d never been in before. On the way in, I spotted some fresh-cut Christmas trees for sale at the hardware store next door & told my sister: “Now that is the kind of tree I’d love to have for the piano room.”The thing is, I’d been bugging my husband & brother-in-law all day on Thanksgiving to help me come up with a way to make a small tree look bigger if I were to buy one for the piano room. You know me, I’m so cheap I didn’t want to spend a lot on a big tree because we already have a nice artificial tree for the family room. But, I thought maybe I could find a small one for a good deal & just improvise somehow.But, the trees we saw at the hardware store were huge & beautiful. And, for sure, out of my budget.So, we walked into the salvage store & as soon as we did, the manager told us they’d be having a drawing for $100 cash in just 15 minutes. Of course, we entered & you can guess what happened. They called my name.And the second they did, I knew it was God giving me that tree I’d dreamed of having.We practically ran next door to pick out a tree. I saw mine right away. It was over 10 feet tall & gorgeous. It was the best, most beautiful tree they had. And with a discount & coupon, it cost me less than $50. I made my sister stand right beside it & guard it while I paid for it with my newly-won $100 bill and blabbered on about my winning to an apathetic, gum-chewing, teen-aged cashier.Once the tree was tied to the top of the Tahoe, we drove home as quickly as we could without slinging the thing off the top as we went.The whole family greeted us at the door when we got home & shared in the excitement of my winning the drawing. The little girls all squealed with excitement while the men carried in the tree & the rest of us gave our opinions on where it should go. And when the whole thing was up & I had decorated it with a few select ornaments I had bought with some more of the money, I was just speechless. It’s perfect in there.I wish each of you could come & see my tree in person. I’m pretty sure you’d think it’s beautiful. But to me, it’s a poignant message, from God to me, that says He cares enough about me to bless me with things so specific to my taste that even I couldn’t pick out anything better for myself. That He will exceed all my expectations if I give Him the opportunity. That, even the things that might be insignificant to others, are significant to Him.But lest you think God gives me special treatment, think again. If you know Him personally, you know He does these things for you as well. Have you been noticing them lately or passing them off as coincidences? And for those of you who don’t know Him, let this be the year you meet Him. Ask me how you can.So, that’s the story of my best Black Friday score ever. And I threw in my little Christmas sermon for free. Hope you like my tree. I’m pretty much crazy about it. Someone really awesome picked it out just for me.