I was hoping if I wrote that title something would magically come to me, but so far, it’s not looking good. Today is the big day around here. What went up must come down. And in my usual soon-after-Christmas style, I’m ready for it to go. Now I’m just waiting for that burst of enthusiasm to hit me so I can get it done quickly and painlessly.My plan of action is to break the news to the kids when they wake up, & then assign them their specific jobs. Then, I’ll turn on some motivational music that will keep us hopping…something akin to the tune from the Wizard of Oz when the witch is riding her bike.And then I’ll make a goal of being done by lunch or soon after, reminding the kids that, this way, we’ll have all afternoon to play with our new toys.I’m telling you all this because you are my official Accountability Team for the day. Feel free to check up on me & remind me to stay focused. I’ll post an update to my Facebook page to let you know when we’re done.What’s your plan of action for un-decking the halls? As for those of you who are finished…I’m officially jealous. Gotta get busy!