I’m starting to think that Pinterest could be the best invention since peanut butter & I am a huge fan of peanut butter, so that’s really sayin’ somethin’. It’s a dream-come-true for people like me who see things that inspire & want to save the idea for later. It’s my little digital to-do list which just keeps growing because I’m seeing your to-do lists & then I wanna do that stuff as well.But, anyway, I love it. And that’s where I first learned of the idea of converting a man’s shirt into a skirt. And in true Pinterest style, many people have been inspired by the idea & done their own versions. And I’m just one of those people.This project does involve sewing, so if you’re in that group that’s still not sewing, I just want to say: Dahlings, what are you waiting for? Please save your money up & buy a sewing machine. It will change your life. Okay, on with the project.I started out by raiding my husband’s side of the closet for just the right shirt I could turn into a fall skirt. Then I convinced him to donate this one to my cause:It was a nice quality flannel & it had 2 pockets: 2 good qualities for a shirt-to-skirt conversion.I made the first cuts right along the arm sleeves, leaving it to look like this:Then, I turned the shirt over & cut across the top, just below the seam that runs across the shoulder blades. Next, I turned it inside out, literally stood in front of a mirror, & pinned it to fit from the waist to the hips. (Kinda like a slipcover, only it was on me instead of a piece of furniture.)Then, I laid the skirt out & pinned further down each side to get a slight A-line. You may want to literally draw a line down the sides if you want the sides to be more exact. I’m more the wing-it type. Getting the side seams right may take a few fittings, but once you have it like you want it, cut off the excess & iron the seams.To finish the waistband, I used the Non-Martha method because I prefer quick & easy over long & complicated. Professional seamstresses, look away. All I did was press down the top edge about 1/2 inch & sew. See? Quick & easy.Lastly, I squared off the bottom & hemmed it to the length I wanted.Then, I put it on, gave Lola the camera, & suddenly, I was a skirt model.It’s my new favorite skirt. Thank you so much, Mrs. Whoever You Are that first inspired us with this idea! Ladies, what are you waiting for? Raid your husband’s closet or just head to Goodwill, then join the Men’s Shirt Skirt Revolution! I’m linking this how-to up with some of these inspirational people and the Pinterest Challenge here. Check them out!