I’ve been doing a little primping in the bathroom this week. Unlike my normal primping in the bathroom, this was actually done to the bathroom, not to myself. Ok, so whatever. I made the decision a while back to make a faux Roman shade for my bathroom window. And since I gravitate toward all things Paris, I combined the idea with inspiration from a Paris grain sack & that’s how this treatment was born…Class, can anyone guess what kind of fabric I used? Of course. A canvas drop cloth. This one was a 7 oz. weight & I used about half of a 9’x12′, so it cost me around $10. And yes, I buy so much of this stuff the people at HD & Lowes don’t even look at me funny anymore.So, I started out by assessing the window, & deciding on the area I wanted the treatment to cover. I wanted my “shade” to hang over the outside of the window & trim, but this could also be made to fit inside the window casing as well.

I took the width I wanted it to be & added an inch to allow for the seam on each side. Then, I took the length I wanted & added an extra 11 inches to allow for it to be gathered up at the bottom, plus I added an extra 8 inches at the top to allow for later attaching it to wood & hanging it. Then, I cut out 2 pieces of the canvas in the size I had determined.Then, I was ready to transfer the design to the top piece of canvas.You know I wouldn’t lie to you– this took a little longer than I first anticipated. I had totally planned to go with this method for the design transfer. However, after several failed tests with different products, I just could not get it to work for me. (By the way, if anyone has a tip for me on this, let me know. I still love the idea of it.)SO, I had to go with Plan B to get my design transferred to the fabric, which was the freezer paper stencil. (Yes, I’ve gotten a lot of experience with this lately. Click here to see more.) This was, by far, the most complex design I’ve done & yes, it was tedious, tiring, & all that good stuff. Re-assembling the inner parts of the letters was a challenge. But, I got it done & I’m happy with the results.After the design was on, the rest was easy. (Yes- you, too, can do this!) I simply sewed the two pieces of canvas together, leaving the top open, then turned it inside out, creating a huge “sack”.At this point, I ironed out the wrinkles & hung it over my ironing board to finish off the bottom.To get the look of a shade that’s partly drawn up, I measured up from the bottom the extra 11 inches I had added & marked it with a pin.Then, I created a few folds up to the pin & sewed the folds together with a needle & thread.After I repeated the process on the other side, I realized I had some excess droop-age in the middle & since nobody wants that, I did a little tweaking & added a couple more stitches there as well.After the sewing was done, it was ready to hang, so I asked my handsome assistant to cut my chosen piece of wood to exactly one inch shorter than the width of my “shade”. I did this to make sure the wood would not peek out one side or the other. The wood we used was a piece approximately 2 1/2″ wide & 3/4″ thick, but any size similar to that will work. (I’ve even done this with a yard stick.)I attached the fabric shade to the wood by placing my shade face down & wrapping the top edge of the fabric around the wood; then I used a staple gun to secure it in place.I also added a staple on each end, wrapping the fabric around the back of the end of the wood to cover it. (Wow, I’ve made this sound way more complicated than it actually is!)After that, it was ready to go up. My hubby drilled a couple of pilot holes into the wood for me to prepare the way for screws, but we found out it would be better to drill the holes before attaching the fabric so it doesn’t pop out your staples so you don’t have to go get your staple gun & do it all over again. Just sayin’.To get it on the wall, he just drilled the screws into the pilot holes & that was it! No drapery hardware required.Easy, huh? I know –this post made this project sound way harder than it actually is & I’m exhausted typing it out & if anyone is still here, I know you’re exhausted reading it. So give yourself a break, come back soon, & I’ll show you more of the bathroom & how my new shade looks in there. Whew! I think I’ll go soak in the tub.Stop by some of these sites where I’ll be sharing this little how-to.