If you stop by here much, you know I love a good knock-off challenge. Most of the time it has to do with home decor, but sometimes I branch out. When I saw some cute graphic tees a couple of weeks ago at Land’s End Canvas, I came real close to ordering one for my husband.

See this guy?He’s sayin’ “Yeah, for only $24.50, you can buy this for your husband & he can be cool like me.”And then I said: “Buddy, my husband is cooler than you anyday and & I can make that shirt with my eyes closed.”And then he said, …well—you can see from his expression he had nothing to say after that!{And now all your suspicions about me being crazy are confirmed. And yes, I really do talk to catalog people from time to time.}But, now on to the shirt…I started with a couple of quality plain cotton t-shirts. I found mine on sale at Target for less than $4. Love that.

Next, with a few small cuts of some navy & white twill fabric, I pinned together what would become a pennant flag.

Then I got my little workers together & got busy. But before anyone tries reporting me to the authorities for running a t-shirt sweat shop in my basement, I should tell you these were Father’s Day gifts. But, now that I think about it, these would bring a good profit should I find myself needing some cash anytime soon…Anyway, Abby was in charge of sewing & she assembled the flag & sewed it in place using red thread for contrast…Next, Lily did the painting. Using good ol’ white craft paint she painted on the rims of a Chik-fil-A cup, we made a “stamp” to resemble a post mark or whatever kind of mark it was supposed to be.Then, we used some large & small letter stencils to add random letters. We decided on W.B.D. (which stands for “World’s Best Dad”) and his initials.Lola was in charge of cleaning up the stencils for us & she did a great job at it, too.And here’s the finished product!

Here’s the design we made for Papa as well…These would be great for guys of all ages. And with the Fourth of July coming up, you can customize them & wear them to the family picnic. And don’t forget, this version costs less than $5 each. So there ya go, Land’s End Canvas guy. What do you say to that?Still speechless? That’s what I thought.Sharing this tutorial with some of these crafty sites. Check them out!