Missed Part One of the Tea Party? Click here.Of course it was THE WEDDING that inspired the wearing of all the fabulous hats that my guests & I wore at my tea party the other day. I had encouraged everyone to wear their best rendition of a British hat or fascinator, and they did not disappoint!Most of us chose to make them ourselves, which made them even more flamboyant & fabulous.

I set up a little jar to contain votes for every guest to vote on the hat or fascinator they liked best, & the First & Second place winners turned out to be Holly & Jodi, both of whom had created their own designs!Here’s Holly’s:

And Jodi’s:Holly received a “Taste of England” package as the prize for first place, & Jodi received a flower pin made by my mom.Here are a few other fashionable ladies seen at the party:{My mom wearing a vintage hat covered in all kinds of flowers}{Abby, wearing one I made that was similar to mine}And some others:

And here’s a closer shot of my own fascinator:If you decide to have a British Tea Party, you’re going to need some fashionable headwear, so here’s a little tutorial on how I made my fascinator:I started out with this as my inspiration from London milliner, Olivia Roat, whom I found here.Notice the price tag of £215, which is roughly $350. (Yikes!) Mine cost roughly $4, which is around £2, if anyone’s interested. So there ya go.For my fascinator, I got a little resourceful & actually used a shoulder pad from some old jacket I had way back when. Half of you are too young to even remember when people wore shoulder pads, but I think you can still find them in craft stores or even in some vintage blouse at a thrift store. And some of you may still have something in your closet with shoulder pads, who knows!But, I took the shoulder pad & cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover it & wrap around the edge a little. Then, I got busy with the glue gun & secured it all around, making a couple of folded pleats with the bulk as I got back around to the start.At this point, it looked kinda like half of a bikini top, which means you could probably use one of those, too!After that, I snipped the bloom off of a very large faux flower &, again, used the glue gun to attach. I also cut off a couple leaves & stuck them in where I wanted them.Then came the tulle, which I just bunched together & tucked it with a few more dots of glue. The last easy step is to glue it onto the headband. I chose a dark headband that would just sort-of disappear when I wore it. I put the headband on my head, figured out where to position the headpiece, removed the headband while holding the pieces together, & then glued it to the headband on that spot.That was it! The entire project only took about 15 minutes.And did I mention how much fun it was to wear?Have you been looking for an excuse to wear one of these? Do what I did & throw a tea party! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Party Favor Kit I told you about, and stay tuned for more on the tea party coming up this week.I’m linking up my fascinator to some of these parties!