Has there ever been a time since their invention that balloons have not been trendy??  Their fun and popularity factor has only grown through the years and they’re still top decor for parties in my book!  One of my most popular posts of all time was this original balloon arch I shared HERE.  And now, thanks to a great little product, it’s even easier to make arches and garlands and all kinds of sculptures! 

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We recently made this garland to decorate this house in celebration of my oldest two graduating from college!  The secret is this special balloon tape. 

This awesome product has been around for a little while now, but this was my first time finally trying it!  There is so much you can do with this, but the simple concept is just blowing up your balloons, and inserting the knots into the plastic tape.  

We blew up around 60 of these metallic balloons for this particular garland.  (It goes way faster if you have an air compressor to blow them up!)  Click HERE for the balloons I used.  I love the colors and metallic shine!  

Once I got a garland about 8 feet long, I wanted to add a little more fullness toward the middle of it to make it feel more natural and less “perfectly formed”, so I took an extra length of the balloon tape approximately 30 inches long, and tied it onto the original tape about a third of the way down…

Next, I just added balloons onto the two “tails” and it filled out the garland a little more and gave it a little more shape.  

To hang it, we just used a little fishing line tied to the columns and trim on the house.  My husband had it up in minutes and made it look easy! 

It was exactly what I had wanted for the celebration! Can you imagine all the ways this can be used? So easily hung in so many places, or wrap it on an arch like my original version! Can’t wait to use it again! 

I hope this gives you some ideas for your next party whether big or small! For more balloon decor ideas, click HERE and HERE.  Find these links and sources below: