I had a different post planned for today. More about gifts, and giving, and drumming up some last-minute Christmas cheer. And I had another post planned about the true meaning of Christmas because, after all, this wouldn’t be the Christian blog I claim it is without that. But, as much as I say I’m focused on Him, rather than all the sparkle around me, somehow I’ve spent the majority of yet another Christmas season wrapped up in things I can hold in my hands. I’ve still been focused on Christmas decor. Christmas gifts. Christmas food. Christmas things.But, the Lord has ways of changing our focus. Yesterday, tragedy struck a friend of mine. Many of you know her as well. Her name is Edie. She has a blog called Life in Grace where she writes about her family, her faith, and her beautiful home. (You may recall when I posted about her here.) Well, yesterday, she lost one of those three things she writes to us about. Due to a fire in the night, they lost their home and all their earthly possessions. Praise the Lord, they all escaped safely. But, a loss like that, at a time like this, can only be understood by those who have been through it themselves. It’s amazing how news like this can bring everything into focus. I can’t get them off of my mind since yesterday and I’ve been praying continuously for them as I urge you all to do as well. I look forward to reading in the future how God takes care of them through this. And the things they learn. And about Edie’s true Life in Grace.As you think of their family, I hope this brings your Christmas into focus as well. Christmas things do not make it Christmas. Jesus really is the reason. For this season and for every other one as well. He’s the reason there is no need to despair. Even when tragedy strikes. He’s the reason we have hope. For this life and the next. If you’re missing that, you’re missing it all. If all Jesus is to you is a figure in a nativity scene or a story you’ve heard about, please let me share with you how to change that. I pray it’s Christmas in your heart even more so than in your home. God Bless you all.