If you have a blog, I hope you’ll give us all a tour of your home in all its Christmas glory. Last Christmas, when this blog was still new, I joined up with the Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes & it was so much fun to see so many houses all decked out in so many different ways. And it’s the perfect place to get a little inspiration if you haven’t finished your Christmas decorating yet. Here’s the 10-cent tour of our house this year. I really did plan to keep it minimal. And it still took me a week to decorate because I kept thinking of that “one more thing” I wanted to add. But it’s a lot of fun. I still have a few projects not included in this post that I’ll show you later. But for now, welcome to our house!Here’s the entry with this year’s wreathes…& a Merry Christmas on the front door chalkboard. (More about the wreathes here.)And here’s my little foyer “tree” I made by wiring a few fresh branches together. No ornaments or lights, just au naturel. I can’t seem to pass by it without taking a whiff. In the library, we have our tree with plain white lights & a new map garland that I added this year. I chose a map image online with colors I liked & asked my husband to enlarge it & print it for me so I could cut it into strips & adhere the edges together to make a garland. I love it!The big nativity set is in the dining room this year…And here’s the small Piano Room tree & glittered church on top of the piano where the girls play Christmas carols…The family room with our main tree…And my new sleigh that Dave surprised me with (thanks, Honey!)…And my urn of sticks I love so much… (More on that here.)Next to the family room is the the Breakfast Room with my Christmas Shelves I told you about here.And the kitchen..And here’s my view from the sink… where I can smell my Mistletoe Yankee Candle (thanks, Mom!) & look at my vase of sticks (What can I say- I love sticks), and sing along with White Christmas on TV. ♫♫The best things happen while you’re dancing….♫♫♫That almost wraps it up except for my little tree in the hallway with my new vintage ornaments I bought at an estate sale a few weeks ago.And a vintage Christmas record by Bing from the same estate sale. The whole record for half of the price to download one song on iTunes! (If only I had a record player.)Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope your Christmas is Christ-filled & very merry!Linking to:The Nester’s Christmas Tour of HomesKelly’s KornerHooked on Housesand some of these other parties.***************************************************************Congratulations to , Lavendergirl, the winner of the $70 CSN Gift Credit! Thanks so much to all those who entered!