I think it’s peak fall foliage time here in East Tennessee. I’ve been loving the drive to get the kids from school the past week or so because we’ve been trying to see who can spot the best-colored trees. We’ve got some gorgeous ones on our drive, & I hope you live where you can enjoy them, too. And I can’t stop thinking of what a special favor God did for us by creating Fall. He could’ve made trees to keep their leaves forever. Or leaves that just withered away & fell off. And we never would have known the difference. But instead, he made them gorgeous colors for a few weeks every year. So you & I will take note. That there is a God. And He loves us enough to give us beautiful things to look at. Reminds me of these couple lines from a poem my mom taught me:”…Poems are made by fools like meBut only God can make a tree.” Joyce Kilmer{Special thanks to Abby for snapping this picture today of one of my favorite trees in our neighborhood.}