Once again, I pose the question I’ve heard many bloggers ask: Are we getting ideas from Pottery Barn, or or they getting ideas from us? It makes you wonder when you see them offer products like these galvanized planters:The fact is, I’ve been using one of these for years now to hold my zinnias that I like to plant every year & I know some of you have probably done this, too. I first started using mine because it was huge enough to hold all my flowers & I didn’t want to spend a fortune for a planter that size. I bought mine way-back-when at a farm supply (yes, we have a lot of these in Tennessee) for around $7 or $8. I’m not sure what they are going for now, but I’m sure they’re cheaper than the $79 Pottery Barn is charging (yikes- & I think mine is bigger!).If you want to use one as a planter, all you need to do is drill a few drainage holes in the bottom. They’re nice in their original galvanized finish, but I like them painted as well. I had painted mine black with a little checker-board border when I first got it, but after weathering 8 or 9 summers & winters, it needed a make-over, so I went for a sunny yellow spray paint.Just before I started to paint, I thought about adding a chalk-board label on the side for a little personality. I had a suspicion that the original black paint might act like a chalkboard, so I tried it & it worked! So, it saved me a step by not having to use chalkboard paint. I used a piece of adhesive paper, cut into the shape of an oval to mask off the part I wanted for the “label”. Then, I sprayed one coat of primer & a few coats of the yellow. When I removed the oval, it also removed a little more of the original black, but I actually like it better that way. (I love a good accidental design element).Within 45 minutes (I hardly ever give anything time to dry), it was on my patio, with my zinnias planted in it.I wrote a little No. 3 on the label because it just seemed like something Pottery Barn would do. I mean, if they can copy me, I can copy them, too right?I’m linking this to a few of these link parties. Check them out!Visit thecsiproject.com