I very well may be the last person to try this great idea. I’ve seen several bloggers posting about making different kinds of sugar and salt scrubs for Mother’s Day and teacher gifts. But, this one has to be the best one I’ve seen yet.The girls and I made several jars of this together for some special people and I’m telling you, this HAS to be the easiest way to make a sugar scrub. If you haven’t yet tried it, here’s how it’s done…

You’ll need jars, basic granulated sugar, and some soap. I used these cute short 8-oz. Mason jars I found at Wal-Mart (You can also buy them online here!) And for the soap, I used Lemon Dawn because I love the lemon scent. A moisturizing dish soap or other liquid soap would also work well.

All you do is fill your jar approximately 3/4 full of sugar.

Then, just fill it the rest of the way with the soap.

Mix it well with a butter knife and that’s it!

To use it, just rub it all over your hands, then rinse it off. Perfect for removing dirt and exfoliating your skin. We all tried it out when we were done and it works great! Ours are all wrapped up, tagged, and ready to be given out. My sister already made some for her girls’ teachers, too! Mom, just act surprised when you get some, okay?