I started the transition to fall at our house this week, despite the 90º temperatures that still keep screaming that it’s summer!  But Labor Day has come and gone, so it’s time!  And since it’s been a little while since I shared a crafty how-to around here, I decided it was a good time for that, too!  Nothing says fall like a pile of leaves, and I created my own this week in a choice of colors that just make me happy!  And then, because I am nothing without a good garland, I whipped out the glue gun and voilá!  A little fall color…




My leaf garland from last year that I shared here has been on display somewhere in our house through all four seasons now, and this new garland is so fun and versatile, I might just make them for every occasion under the sun!

Here’s what you need to make this garland with links to sources (Some of these are affiliate links which help to support this blog):

12×12 colored cardstock (I used 24 pieces from this pack which yielded 240 leaves)


leaf template (download here and print at approximately 5 1/2 inches long)

an Xacto knife

a cutting mat

a ruler

12 feet of sturdy twine

hot glue gun

I used 4 sheets each of 6 different colors of card stock and then used a paper trimmer to cut the sheets in half for easier cutting of the leaves.




Then, I used the template to cut the leaves 5 across.  I layered about 4 sheets and cut them at once to save some time!



The cutting of the leaves is the longest part, but if you do it while watching your favorite show, it will be done before you know it!  Kids can help wth this too!


After all the leaves are cut, score them to get a good fold and give them some dimension!  Just use a ruler on a cutting mat and make a light cut down the center on the back of the leaf, being careful not to cut through.





Then, fold it gently along the scored line.



Once you have a nice pile of gorgeous leaves, it’s time to make the garland!



You’ll need a large workspace to spread the garland onto as you go.  If you want to make a spectrum pattern of colors like I did, divide your colors evenly.  I started with 13 leaves of each color, repeating the pattern to the end.  Start with one end of your twine and begin to glue the leaves on, layering them upon each other as you go.




Glue some of the leaves directly to the twine and others to the other leaves to fill in and make the garland full and wide.



Here’s a look at the back to give you an idea…




Once you’ve done a set of one color, continue with the next, overlapping in the same general direction as you go…



When you come to the last set of colors, switch directions so that the tips of the leaves will point to the opposite end of the garland..


Then, trim the end of the twine and you’re finished!



I love this on a table, and it adds the perfect pop of color without having to add flowers or other greens!





And it also works great for the mantle!  Add a few simple candles or pumpkins and your room is ready for fall.






There are endless possibilities when it comes to paper-crafting leaf garlands like this!  I’ve got a ton of ideas going around in my head and you’ll probably see some of them here in the future!  Enjoy, friends, and I’d love to see your versions of this.  Send me the pics!