Christmas this year brought our first at-home project of 2021 due to my husband surprising me big-time with a Samsung Frame TV!  My brother and sister each have one at their own houses and I’ve seen how beautiful they are so I’m thrilled with all the possibilities I’m going to have with now getting to see art over my fireplace!  I’ve already been adding a few of my own art pieces and it’s amazing what a difference it makes!

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But to add icing to my cake, I’ve now got the opportunity to add a frame from Deco TV Frames!  Just a few days ago, I chose a few samples and now I’ve got choices to make! I posted several stories on my Instagram this week to ask for my readers’ opinions and in case you missed that, I’d like to hear from you too!  

If you know me, it’s no surprise that I chose the gold options to consider, and there is something  to love about each one!

Each of them is very sturdy and substantial.  And this first ornate gold one is especially chunky!

I do love the details of the ornate look, but I’m trying to decide if it’s the right fit for this room!

The second option is the Antique gold.  This is a very warm gold like the ornate, but simpler in style.

And the third option is the Contemporary Gold.  It’s a little brighter and more reflective than the other two.

Here’s a rough glimpse of the three samples…

I’d love to know what you would choose!  And if you are even thinking you’d like to have a Frame TV, be sure to check out Deco TV Frames HERE.  They are currently running a sale on their TV’s, plus use code Bliss to get $50 off your purchase! Also be sure to follow them on Instagram HERE to hear about promotions and new products! 

I can’t wait to finally decide and share with you all how this turns out!