It’s been a little while since we had a giveaway around here, so when my new friends at Smile Brilliant asked me if my readers and I would be interested in a great toothbrush giveaway, of course I said “Yes!”… Because this company is all about encouraging people to smile fearlessly and who doesn’t want that, right?

I’ve had an electric toothbrush for awhile now, and I know the benefits and what it can do for the health of your teeth.  My dentist has commented many times about how she can see a great difference in my teeth since I’ve had mine.  But, when I received this one and saw some fun new features my old one didn’t have, I was even more interested!

One thing I really love about this cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush is that it has 5 different brushing modes to suit your own preference.  There is even a sensitive mode for people who may have found that other brands of electric toothbrushes have been too harsh.  It has a built-in smart timer to let you know when to move from one quadrant of your mouth to another to be sure that you are getting a thorough clean!  Plus, it’s completely waterproof and gives you a 30 day battery life on full charge so you can travel with it easily!

The price point of this toothbrush is up to half the price of other brands, and you can even get an extra 20% off by using coupon code lessthanperfectlifeofbliss20.  Click HERE to check out the toothbrush, and you can order replacement heads HERE!  Have more questions? Visit the FAQ page HERE! I’ve been loving the totally clean feeling I’ve had every time I use this toothbrush, and I know you will too!

So how do you enter to win one?? I’m glad you asked.  Just click HERE and follow the simple instructions.  Then watch for the winner to be announced on my social media soon!  Who’s ready to try this?!