The big switch to Christmas decor is going on at our house this week, and every year that includes some kind of DIY project (or five) thrown into the mix!  This year, I’ve done yet another version of my hoop wreath, this time with a definite Christmas theme!  I even added a little “gingerbread” village and it was still super easy!



Here’s the how-to:  start with a hoop.  I’ve used an embroidery hoop for all my other versions, but this time I went with a gold macrame hoop!  You can find them in craft stores or via my affiliate links >> HERE and HERE.



I also used some faux cedar stems from Hobby Lobby as well as floral wire and some ribbon for a bow!


Just like on all my other hoop wreath tutorials, I just attached the stems to the hoop with a little wire.




I used two stems of the cedar on each side in a symmetrical design, just curving the long stems on to the hoop and wiring them on as I went.




The bow in the center just finished it off!  See how simple??


But, I had decided to add gingerbread village for mine, so I got some basic corrugated cardboard and a pair of scissors and went for it.



First, I used one blade of the scissors to score the outline of the houses…



Then, I carefully cut around them.




To get the folds in between each house, I scored the cardboard once again, scoring the front side to fold it towards the back, and scoring the back side to fold towards the front.



An X-acto knife is perfect for cutting a few small windows. (Don’t forget to use a cutting mat to protect surfaces)





And then, the last step is to decorate with the “icing” using a white pen.




That’s it!  I just stuck the little village into the wreath and it was done!




This particular wreath is hanging in the breakfast room window, just like my other versions.  Here are a few links if you’d like to shop this look:




And this week, the Holiday Tour of Homes has kicked off once again, and I’m thrilled to be a part!  I’ll be sharing my full tour on Sunday, but here is the full line-up, so be sure to check out all these bloggers and their gorgeous Christmas inspiration!