Happy (almost) New Year, friends!  Every time I think of it almost being 2018, I’m second guessing myself because I can hardly believe how another year has flown!  And I know it’s the popular thing to do to choose a word for the coming year and all that, but I’ve discovered that God chooses His own word for me and while it’s not always the one I would choose, it is always the one I need.

I’ve kinda been stuck on the same word for the past 3 years, and many of you have witnessed me experience it: change.  That’s been a hard one for sure, but also very good in a lot of ways.  I’m super-excited about some of the changes that happened in 2017 and how they will unfold into 2018.  I’m hoping to keep sharing the DIY here as always, but also writing more from the heart when I can, and I’d love for you all to join me here.

But, let’s just say I could choose my own word for the next year… with the mood I’ve been in since the morning after Christmas, I think I’d choose the word “fresh.”  In these past few vacation days, I’ve been taking some deliberate down-time and loving it.  I think every last pine needle from Christmas has been removed and replaced with all things fresh and green.  I’ve even got lemon oil in the diffuser!  And, if you saw my Instagram story, you saw that I even painted a new lemon watercolor for my shelves!

Here’s a little glimpse of all the fresh decor changes along with a little Happy New Year scattered around!  I’ve added a few links for items here, but as always, feel free to ask if you have a question about sources!  Wishing you all a very happy 2018!