Hopefully you’ll be on your way to somewhere fun at some point this summer (even if it’s just for a long weekend to see your grandma), but from the looks of my Instagram feed, y’all are really going places! So, I figured it’s a good time to share some of my favorite travel essentials! (And a few I just think are great to have.) I’ve put together a little list (including some affiliate links) to get you packing and on your way!

1. A travel journal! I love this adorable one from Rifle Paper Co.It’s perfect for jotting down the daily highlights from your trips and making note of your favorite local cafes to hit next time! I love having my little journals to read over again and remember all the great places we’ve been!

2. Kate Spade nylon weekender. This one is a sale one that won’t last long, but I have a black and white polka dot one that my husband bought me years ago that I bring on almost every trip. Kate is great for putting in just the right pockets and making them just the right size. And the nylon is perfectly no-fuss for wiping clean if the occasional coffee-splatter should occur on the go!

3. Packing Cubes— for keeping everything in its place until you get there! My husband just bought me these for my birthday and I guess he’s trying to give me the hint to get my stuff together. I’m totally fine with that because I love to be organized!

4. The Rav Power Portable Power Bank–This! This thing is awesome. And it’s my number one, despite that it’s number 4. Everything else on my list may be cute, but this thing is the bomb, y’all. With 6 people in our family, we go through a lot of cell phone battery usage on trips. Between taking a ton of photos and posting them for the world to see, or playing games on the go, somebody is going to need a charge at some point! And this battery pack is the answer. It will charge at least 4 or 5 phones to full capacity and still have some juice left at the end of the day! Plus, it will charge 2 phones at once, so no fighting over who gets to use it first! We brought this all over Europe last year, to Disney a few times, and a few other places in between. On our last trip to Disney, Abby and I used it 4 days straight to juice up our batteries in the afternoons and I never even had to charge it at night! (There’s a light-up indicator to show you how much power it has left.) I am so impressed with the longevity of this battery that I am telling the world about it. It is awesome! Must-have!

5. Born Amelie Sandals— These are my personal faves for traveling and walking! I had the previous version of these for 3 years and wore them everywhere until I finally wore a hole at the big toe. So, I searched all over for the same pair and found these this year. I’ve already put many miles on them, and they still look brand new. They are all the support of a sneaker, but with the style of a sandal. And the gold can go with everything! Love them!

6. Lingerie bags— Even your unmentionables are worth mentioning…these are perfect for keeping things tucked away nicely and keeping the dirty laundry in its place as well. Plus, they’re just cute.

7. A Hot Laptop Bag… because you just need one! I’ve been searching for awhile now for just the right 15″ bag, and just recently, Kate came thru for me with her clearance sale. (Thanks, honey, for taking my huge hint!) This one is perfect, of course, because Kate thinks of everything. It’ll keep your computer cute and safe while you’re on the road. Hurry because I’m sure it won’t last long!

8. A Really Cute Set of Luggage… because you really can’t leave home without it. (Although my husband did leave mine one time and we didn’t discover it until we arrived at the beach 9 hours later…but I totally don’t hold a grudge.) Anyway– everyone needs luggage and I spotted this set which comes in every color of the rainbow for a great deal! Check it out!

So there is my list of must-haves with a few cute things thrown in. Wherever you’re headed, I hope it’s a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to see your pics on Instagram!