It’s funny how, as the kids grow up, the house kinda grows up, too. We’ve slowly evolved to more white furnishings, more upholstery and less kid-friendly surfaces as the kids have gotten older. Oneexample of this is our upholstered settee we got earlier this year in the breakfast room, which I wouldn’t have been ready for a few years ago…

Now that I’ve seen what a difference the settee has made, I’m thinking about cozying up the breakfast room a little more with a rug!

And since the nice people at The Perfect Rug reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try their site, I thought this was the time.

It’s a great concept for those of us who like to have a hand in choosing a rug that’s just the right style and size for our space! Rather than having to guess at a color and texture of a certain rug, you can order samples and get a feel for them before you order! Saves a lot of headache and guesswork from ordering an entire rug without knowing what you’re getting.

I chose 3 samples, along with border colors I wanted to see, and it definitely helped me make my decision. The 3 I’m looking at are the Biscayne Natural, the Something New Beach Party and the Something New Cloudburst.

You not only get to choose the material and border, but you can customize the size and shape as well! Click here to try it out and see your options! The cost estimate is calculated for you immediately,which is another great feature.

Once you choose the samples you want, they send them out right away, along with this handy little kit for measuring and marking off your space!

I’m really leaning toward the Biscayne Natural because I love seagrass rugs, but I’m still deciding on the border color. It won’t be long before it’s in my new space! Can’t wait to share it with y’all. Stay tuned!