Of all the the places in my house, I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite spot…

Because it’s so cozy, it is really hard to talk myself out of bed in the morning, and now it’s even worse, because I have just discovered the perfect linens. (Literally!) Recently, the lovely people at Perfect Linens.comasked me if I’d like to try their sheets, and since my husband and I were getting sick of the sheets we had always stretching out and bunching up, I was glad to!

So they sent me a set of their Baby’s Bottom white sheets, and I’m happy to say, we give them two thumbs up! Not only are they true-to-their-name soft, they’re a nice, thick cotton, so you can really feel the quality.

Here’s what’s different about this company… they don’t sell every kind of home product under the sun–just sheets–so they have spent a lot of time and effort researching and testing to produce the top sheets on the market that will hold up to the standard over a long period of time. They have honed in on what people want in a quality bed linen and made it available! And because of the lasting quality, even aftermultiple long-termwashings, you’ll be saving money.

Every morning since we’ve had these sheets, Dave has made a comment about how nice and tight they are on the bed. They had him at “no more bunching.”

And I could not agree more with their slogan: “Life’s too short for bad sheets!”

So, if you are the least bit unhappy with your current sheets, visit Perfect Linens and check out their selection. They have several colors to choose from, plus free shipping and a 45-Night Love It Guarantee! Also- for my readers, they are offering an extra 15% off with discount codeLifeofBliss15! Take advantage of it and try them out for yourself. You’ll be counting the hours ’til bedtime and kicking and screaming inthe morning in no time–just like me! Enjoy, friends!