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  1. Stacey
    November 17, 2015 @ 9:59 pm

    Julie, this deer is so pretty! I love the bright colors you chose. They are very pleasing to the eye and fit in well with the white decor.


  2. Amy & Lylah
    November 18, 2015 @ 3:51 am

    Amazing! My husband is a hunter and would love this deer hung in our living room. Loving the colors you used.


  3. Rach
    November 18, 2015 @ 6:23 am

    Ummm love it. Saw it on your Instagram and can't believe your talent!


  4. Karen Cantrell
    November 18, 2015 @ 12:17 pm

    The colors! Would LOVE this for my mantle!


  5. Jonathan Koop
    November 18, 2015 @ 4:40 pm

    I love this. You are inspiring me to try to create some new artwork. Or, I could just win yours!


  6. Sean C
    November 18, 2015 @ 5:19 pm

    It turned out amazingly! Loving this.


  7. Alina Conn
    November 18, 2015 @ 5:20 pm

    ME, me, MEEEE! This would look stunning in my Living Room.


  8. sweetaklady
    November 19, 2015 @ 5:25 am

    This could not be any cuter. Would go perfectly with my Christmas decor. Thank you for the chance to win. Hugs, Mary


  9. shelly
    November 20, 2015 @ 3:32 am

    Well shoot! I missed the deadline. 🙁


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