No matter my level of denial or disbelief, graduation season is quickly approaching and my own son will soon be graduating from high school. How on earth did this even happen?

How did this little cutie…

…turn into this handsome man?

It’s one of life’s mysteries, which I do not have time to think about amidst the scramble of preparations. If you’re in my boat, here’s a little something that might help. I’ve updated my 2014 design for graduation printables to accommodate the Class of 2015! There are water bottle labels, a 2015 banner, flags and more. Click here and here to download and print for yourself!

These little circles work well to customize these Chinet clear plastic dessert plates. A couple drops of glue will secure the paper to the underside!

Maybe this will help you out with your party plans. And if these don’t really suit you, stay tuned, because on my list of things to do is to post a new design for 2015 graduation party printables which I’m planning for Grant’s party! So much to do and so few tissues to get me through it all! Wish me luck!

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