So, my mini update in the master bathroom is almost complete with my latest project: a no-sew faux Roman shade! There are a lot of ways to do a faux Roman shade, including the original one I did for my bathroom here. But, I’m telling you, I think this could be the easiest ever! And you can use this basic method for all kinds of custom designs!

I wanted a basic white “shade” with a Greek key design and a monogram to coordinate with our bedroom. (Click here to see how I updated our bedroom earlier this year.)

I found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby for only $4.99 per yard, plus it was 30% off, so for 2 yards, it was only $7!

I love this fabric because it’s a nice weight, and it has a nice texture. Since I was determined to do this project without sewing, I started by just folding it onto itself to create a self-liner. With the fold at the bottom, the bottom edge is automatically finished as well.

Since I wanted a monogram, I decided to use my favorite freezer paper method (get the instructions for this here) with one of my favorite fonts, Bodoni (which you can download here).

Once that was done, I started on the ribbon design. Again, instead of sewing, I went with this iron-on hem tape like I used for my duvet cover in my master bedroom update.

First, I ironed it in between the two sides of the fabric to seal the edges together, then, carefully measuring all the way along, I ironed on the ribbon.

I used the same method for hanging that I used on my first Roman shade, which is to staple the top edge of the “shade” to a thin strip of wood, flip the wood over so the fabric comes over the top, and then, later, screw the wood to the wall.

After attaching the wood to the top of the “shade”, I laid it out on the floor and then mocked up the folds to get the look and length I wanted.

And here’s the part that makes this the easiest method ever! Very carefully, I turned the shade over, keeping the folds in place. Then I used basic clear packaging tape to hold them! Just place a nice long strip every 4 to 5 inches along the back side and it works like a dream! No sewing and no fuss.

Lastly, we hung it in place by lifting the “shade” and screwing through the wood into the wall. And by “we”, I mean my handsome helper. (Thanks, babe!)

I may add a few more accessories in this bathroom here and there, but for now, it’s got the more updated look I was hoping for. Click on the links below for details on other projects I’ve recently done in this space.

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Hope you like it! Who’s ready to give this a try?

TDC Before and After