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  1. B and R Davenport
    October 20, 2014 @ 3:50 pm

    Hey! I am newer to your blog! On a trip to Chattanooga, I have walked past the coffee house you mentioned and thought it would be so nice to give it a try sometime! The Sheraton looks gorgeous!!! I would be taking so many pics inside too and gauking at all the beautiful architectural detail! At least the ghost has good taste in beautiful places, right? 😉


  2. McGhee's
    October 20, 2014 @ 6:49 pm

    We love Rembrandt's! And even though I've lived in Chattanooga the majority of my life, I've never even been in the Read House! You've inspired me to check it out 🙂 Glad you had a fun trip! Meg


  3. Nancy Sharp
    October 20, 2014 @ 11:41 pm

    We lived in Chattanooga when I was a young child. I remember my aunt worked there and my parents talking about it. I 'm glad to know it's still there. Sometimes we stay in Chattanooga driving from Florida to Kentucky. The Read House is now on my list. Thanks.


    • Julie
      October 21, 2014 @ 2:04 am

      How interesting! Yes, you should stay there sometime!


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