Last Thursday, I took a little trip with Abby to a volleyball tournament in Chattanooga. Since it was just the two of us, we thought it would be fun to make a little girls’ getaway out of it, so Dave found great deal for us at the Sheraton Read House in downtown Chattanooga and sent us on our way.

He said it was cute. He said it was charming. But what he didn’t say was that it’s famous for being haunted. I found that out after I googled it to find out where I was going.

Well, I don’t know if I believe in ghosts, but I do believe instaying in cute hotels when I get the chance, so we went for it.

I’ll admit I was a tad bit leery, but most reports said the ghost resides mainly on the 3rd floor, specifically in room 311, so my plan was to avoid that floor and not tell Abby until the next morning.

Haunted or not, the hotel really is adorable with beautiful wood paneled walls in the lobby and plenty of architectural eye candy.

Abby and I loved the Silver Ballroom as well which is a popular venue for weddings here at the hotel…

Our room was cozy and charming as well with cute arched doorways and vintage fixtures.

I’m happy to report that up on the 9th floor, we never saw or heard any sign of a ghost, but then again, I slept like a rock so I may have just missed the whole thing.

Click here to visit the hotel site and read more about the history!

The next morning, we headed to the art district for breakfast at Rembrandt’s Coffee House at the recommendation of a friend. (Thanks, Kelly!)

It was just another big dose of delectable charm with its beautiful curb appeal outside and delicious coffees and pastries inside. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so check out their website here for the address and more info!

So if you’re looking for fun in Chattanooga, take it from Abby and me: the Sheraton Read House and Rembrandt’s Coffee House get our stamp of approval!

Who else has been to these before?