Yes, I know I talked about a gallery wall on Monday, but I’ve got another one to show you today. That’s because, number one: apparently I have an obsession with gallery walls since I now have 5 in this house. And number two: I am still in denial that school is starting in just a few days and I am so far behind in preparing that I have had no time for blog-worthy projects.

But, I did manage to finish up a little art and get it hung on the wall. I showed my lovely Facebook followers a sneak peek of this yesterday, and here it is again in case you missed it. By the way–did you know you can spray-paint a basic frame mat? I did this one in my favorite Krylon Gold Foil Metallic and I love how it turned out!

And it’s now the latest addition to our latest gallery wall. This stairwell was naked for long enough, so I finally started collecting some pieces for it.

Except for the canvases, almost every other piece came from Hobby Lobby. (Big surprise, right?)

Remember my kids’ silhouettes? I’ve used them several times for different things, but I really like them here now. Click here for the original tutorial on those.

There are still a few open spots for whatever other pieces I may find to add, but for now, it has given new life to the bare stairs.

And now I have to get seriousabout getting my kids ready for school. Summer just went by too fast! Can we possibly have a do-over?