Looking for a fun craft to do with the kids or some friends while you enjoy these fleeting days of Summer? Here’s an idea for you. And it’ll come in handy when you’re relaxing on the porch after the job is done!

People are loving Mason jars for all kinds of decor, but the lids are super-cute, too, when you transform them into custom coasters!

I first saw this idea here on countryliving.com, but I’ve seen several other crafty bloggers pinning their own cute versions to Pinterest as well, so maybe you’ve seen this done!

Here’s my version, made with just a few basic supplies. I’ll include a little online supply list down below if you want to order online!

You’ll need some wide mouth Mason jar lids, some self-adhesive thin cork (cork contact paper should work just fine), hot glue, and some stamps and paints to decorate.

Just use the lid insert to trace your cork for cutting…

Hot glue the insert to the outer ring to keep it together…

Then use some basic craft paint to decorate. I used my letter stamps for an initial, then stamped on some dots using a pencil eraser as my stamp. (Don’t forget to wipe your stamps clean before the paint dries on them.)

Painter’s tape helps make stripes, but obviously the possibilities are endless!

Once the paint is totally dry, just peel off the paper backing, and adhere the cork to the inside of your lid!

I took this project with me when I spoke to a group of ladies at a church recently, and it was so fun to see everyone’s unique designs!

Make a set of these the next time you need a hostess gift, or just make some for yourself. Either way– remember to have fun, enjoy Summer, and sip some tea with yourfavorite peeps!

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