We’re days away from the first day of May & you know what that means: people across the country will be putting up their Maypoles in the front yard, gathering greeneries for May baskets, & May Day festivities will be going on every where! Yeah. Right.Granted, it’s not the most celebrated holiday in here America. In fact, most of us don’t acknowledge it at all. I must admit, I didn’t know anything about it either until several years ago when a May basket appeared for the first time on my doorstep. We were living in our first house, two doors down from some good friends of ours. And when May 1st rolled around & we opened up our front door to see a cute little basket full of goodies sitting there, I knew right away who it was from. The card wasn’t signed–May baskets are supposed to be anonymous. But, since my friend has very distinctive, beautiful handwriting, and since she is also one of the most creative people I have ever known, it was kind of a dead giveaway. Besides that, she’s just plain nice. And May Day is the perfect day to get your “nice” on.I think she left a basket for us every year that we lived there, and now, 12 years and 2 houses later, I have never forgotten it. That’s because “nice” is rarely forgotten.This year, I’ve decided I’m going to be nice. (I know-it’s about time, huh?) I’ve made my May Baskets and come Sunday morning, a couple of my friends are getting a little surprise. (No, they don’t read my blog, so yes, they will be surprised.)And just in case you get the urge to be nice, too, here are a few super-simple instructions for making May Baskets. (I stole this cone idea from my BFF Denise, but since she’s also nice, she won’t mind if I share it with you.)Start with a piece of scrapbook paper-either an 8.5 x 11 or a 12×12 trimmed down to that size. I chose a double-sided cardstock.Then, fold it into a cone shape & glue it into place in the back. I like to use hot glue because it works fast & holds it together right away. Trim off excess paper.Then, add some ribbon or trim for a little something extra…Create a “Happy May Day” banner for the front. I used my mini alphabet stamps like I use for so many projects, but you could also write it by hand or print it from your computer.Fork-cut the ends & fold them over a straight-edge to give it the look of a banner.Staple on a ribbon handle…Cover the staples with a little embellishment if you wish…Make a little flag for a name tag with some more paper & a bamboo skewer.Then, fill your basket with a few small treats & maybe a few fresh flowers…And you’re ready to hang it on someone’s doorknob early Sunday morning. Now isn’t that nice?Sharing this how-to with some of these nice people. Go say hi!

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