Y’all know I love link parties. And when I came across this one at Our Suburban Cottage, I knew I wanted to join it. I am running so late I’ve almost missed it, but better late then never, I guess!The search for our house started about 5 years ago when my husband & I started searching for house plans, looking for just the right house with just the right features we thought we’d like to have. I could give you every detail of the long road to here, but you’d be bored to tears by the end, & I have laundry that I need to do, so here’s the shorter version.We chose our plan from an architect in Atlanta who actually had many plans we liked, but this was our favorite. I bugged them to death to give me some info on someone who may have built the house that we could drive to see, but the company was totally tight-lipped with their client list & wouldn’t budge. However, the Lord knew I really wanted to see the house & He helped me find out that the same house had just been built & was going to be in a Parade of Homes in Kentucky. And the same month we purchased our lot, we were able to drive to Kentucky, tour the house, & take all the pictures we wanted. It turned out to be priceless during the building process. And we referred to those pictures what seemed like a million times. It took 9 months to build our house & although there were some stressful moments, it was not the nightmare some people have experienced. We’ve lived here for 7 months now, and we’ve enjoyed it every day. So, I thought I’d share a few pictures of the two houses with you. It may get a little confusing, but I’m going to post a picture of the house we toured & then show you ours from a similar view. Pay attention—there may be a pop quiz! Theirs:Ours, with a front porch added. (Our side garage can’t be seen from this angle):Theirs:Ours: (We chose not to do the exposed beams or the second island in the kitchen)Theirs (Yes, that’s me standing in my future kitchen):Ours:Theirs:Ours: (Still not quite furnished, but stay tuned!)Theirs:Ours:Theirs:Ours:Theirs:Ours:Theirs:Ours: (My son didn’t really like the pink)Theirs:Ours:Did I lose you anywhere? I literally could have spent all day doing this, since we have over 200 pictures of that first house. Thanks for sticking with me. And for reading this blog as I chronicle the ways I’m making it more “ours” everyday. Living in this house & decorating it & entertaining our friends and family is definitely one of my favorite things to do these days. But as fun as all that is, it’s still just a house. It’s definitely a great place to raise a family & spend time together, but it’s not the house that makes my life so great. It’s the people who live here. Thanks for stopping by for my story!