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White Chocolate Raspberry Snowflake Cake (An Easy Christmas Dessert!)

In these last few days before Christmas, I hope you find yourself with plenty of time for the fun stuff: baking, eating, and just being with your favorite people! And if you’re looking for an easy dessert recipe that still has plenty of the festive factor, try this simple snowflake cake! Start by making up…

Frozen Yogurt Strawberry Ghosts: a Healthy Halloween Treat!

Looking for ideas for non-candy Halloween treats your kiddos will love? Try these little strawberry ghosts! Only 3 ingredients, and the kids can even help make them. You’ll need fresh strawberries, lightly sweetened vanilla Greek yogurt, and some mini chocolate chips… All you need to do is cut the tops off the strawberries, dip them…

Parmesan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts

In recent years, many fabulous foodies and bloggers have boosted the popularity of the once-dreaded Brussels sprout. No longer do they hold the title of World’s Most Hated Vegetable. In fact, since I’ve learned to make them this way, my kids have actually been known to ask for them on occasion. I thought I had…

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