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Home Office Updates in the (Ahem!) Library

According to our house plans, this room we use all the time is called the library. But, that seems a little pretentious for us, considering this room is just a humble space, full of our various (and sometimes pitiful) elements. Just like every room in our house, ithas evolved slowly over the years as we…

Going Old School in the Library: A Map Wall

Once upon a time, we had a plan to put floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in our library. Then, time went on and I found a rickety ladder in the basement and called it a bookshelf. And then we kept finding better things to spend money on, like straight teeth for the kids and a family vaca to…

More Library Love

I love the feeling of progress being made, no matter how small, & we’ve recently made some progress in the library that involved removing several boxes of books that have been just sitting there for the past year & a half, waiting for some built-in bookshelves to magically appear. Since I can’t find my magic…

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