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Colorful Christmas Shelves and Free Chalkboard Printable!

It’s my 6th annual styling-of-the-cafe-shelves and just when I thought I may start running out of ideas for these shelves by now, I found a colorful pom pom garland at Target and suddenly I was inspired. I used my fur wreath again from last year which I made with this awesome fur I had leftover…

Fall Cafe Shelves and a Free Chalkboard Printable!

My favorite season? I really can’t say. There’s so much to love in every one of them. But there’s just something about fall. It’s always good for a little poetic chalkboard inspiration and a little re-stying of the cafe shelves. . I love decorating with books all the time, but fall is definitely a fun…

Get Your Hopes Up {a Free Chalkboard Printable}

Ever findyourself feeling like you’re in a hopeless situation? When plans don’t go the way I think they should or it looks like there’s just no light at the end of the dark tunnel, I have to stop and remember: God is in control of mysituation. I have reason to hope. Not the fingers-crossed, dandelion-seeds-in-the-windkind…

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