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Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Garland

We’re just days away from diving into the pumpkin pie, but if you’re looking for a little Thanksgiving craft to keep you busy ’til then, I’ve got just the thing!  It’s a pumpkin pie felt garland, and it’s as easy as… yes, pie!     Only a few inexpensive supplies required, including orange felt, tan…


Fall Home Tour 2016

Happy first day of fall, everyone!  Does it feel like it appeared so suddenly to anyone else?!!  September has been flying by and I’ve had a great time transforming the decor a little bit to fit the season.  I haven’t used a lot of the traditional autumn oranges and browns this year, but somehow it…


Christ Is Risen Free Easter Chalkboard Printable!

On this Easter, and every day of your life, my hope is that you live in the miraculous presence of Christ. It’s so amazing that the Savior died for us, but it’s that He lives that is truly astounding. I’ve been blessed to have learned this truth so early in my life. And it’s this…


Colorful Christmas Shelves and Free Chalkboard Printable!

It’s my 6th annual styling-of-the-cafe-shelves and just when I thought I may start running out of ideas for these shelves by now, I found a colorful pom pom garland at Target and suddenly I was inspired. I used my fur wreath again from last year which I made with this awesome fur I had leftover…

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