Over the weekend, I shared on my Instagram stories that I made history in my house this year by putting up a Christmas tree before Thanksgiving! Even my kids were protesting a little bit, but I really do have good reasons for it.  For one, I’m trying to get a little jump on things because my mom (who is currently living with us) will be moving into her new house as soon as it’s finished after Thanksgiving sometime, and soon we are going to be busy getting her set up with that!  And secondly, I fell in love with a flocked tree like I’ve wanted for a while and this was the year I decided to go for it!  And since I wanted to be sure it was everything I hoped it would be, I needed to go ahead and set it up and try it out just to be sure!  So that’s what I did on Saturday!

Many of you had asked which tree I chose out of these I had suggested, and I went with number 2!  (You can find it via my affiliate link>> HERE.)



It literally only took me 6 or 7 minutes to get it from the box to completely assembled, all by myself.



There were no cords to connect or untangling of wires!  The electrical connections are built into the poles, so you just assemble and you’re done!





Here’s how it looked without any fluffing at all…


And there really wasn’t much of a mess with the flocking either!


I spent about 20 minutes fluffing it really well, and when I was done, it was so thick and full!



Also– I love it with this snow leopard tree skirt I got at Marshall’s!  I tried to find one online for you all and couldn’t find one available anywhere!  However, a throw is a great alternative for a tree skirt and this one is gorgeous! (affiliate link HERE)

I’m still holding off a little bit longer to decorate this tree for Christmas, but I did add a little THANKFUL banner I made with gold letters, and it looks great with the fall garland and few pumpkins still on the mantle!



So, in case you can’t tell, I highly recommend this tree if you’re looking for one like this.  And it’s still on sale for a limited time!!


Meanwhile, I’ve got another tree up that I haven’t told you about yet, and I am totally in love with this one, too! I had found this one on a closeout deal, but the good news is, I found out that the tree is still being sold, and at a great price with free 2-day shipping! (Find it via my affiliate link HERE)  This is the first time we’ve had a Christmas tree in our room, and it’s just a dream!



But this tree!  It’s such a great-looking one, because it, too, is so full and fabulous!  The set up just takes minutes, and the connections are easy, just like the other one.  And the lights are amazing!  You can choose between the warm white or colored…or switch between the two!




I still haven’t even decided if I’m going to decorate this bedroom tree or just leave it just like this!  It’s beautiful as is.  I hope this gives you some confidence in buying one of these trees if you are needing one (or just wanting one!).

We are still planning our tradition of going out on Black Friday to pick out our real tree for the family room, so the kids are happy!  My husband will have one less real tree to haul home, so he’s happy!  And momma got her flocked tree, so she’s happy!  Basically we’re one big happy family!  Much more Christmas decor coming very soon!