Eight years ago, I did a little DIY project that I hoped would become a tradition we would keep.  And I am thrilled to say that, although I’ve switched up the look of it a few times, we have had our blessings board up every fall since then.  This was a very popular project with my readers way back then, and I’m curious if any of you were here for it?  Here’s the post for this original one back in 2010, and here’s how it first looked!



Like I said, I’ve changed it up a few times since!  Here’s a free printable version of my original one that I offered several years back.  And this is another version I made in 2015…



Last year, I went with an even simpler approach with this easy DIY banner version



And this year, I changed things up again with a magnetic version that I found at Hobby Lobby.



This time we are just using magnets and tags to add our blessings to the board!




This would be so easy as a DIY if you wanted to use sheet metal like I’ve used for magnetic boards in the past.  (Click here for affiliate link)  Remember this version I made for Lola’s room?  So easy to make!



These blessings boards have come to be a sweet tradition for us that my kids are excited to use every year!  I hope you are inspired to do one for your family too!