How many of you all have been around since “way back when” when I first started the tradition of having a Blessings Board up when fall rolls around?  I love getting everyone into the practice of putting into black and white just a few of the many things we have to be thankful for in this life.  This post here was the very first one, then came a few other versions after that, including a free printable version here, and yet another version here.  And this year, I’ve decided to go with yet another design!  So, I made a simple chalkboard banner sign for just a few dollars and in less than 10 minutes!



Here’s the simple how-to:  I started with a little trip to Lowes to get some wood pieces for the banner.  I picked up a few pieces of this poplar craft wood found in the lumber aisle.  It comes in several lengths and widths, and I chose the 1/4 inch thick variety for this project.



Since I wanted my sign to be 14 inches wide, I found a nice guy that worked in the department to cut it for me there to save a little time!



Then I picked up some of my favorite go-to chalkboard material– black poster board!  With a little twine and a hot glue gun, I was ready.



The first step was to measure the poster board to the correct width, and since my wood was 14 inches, I wanted the chalkboard to be slightly less, so I cut it to 13 inches wide and used the full length of the poster board.




Next, I used the hot glue to attach one end of the poster board to one piece of the wood.




With a little more hot glue, I attached the twine to the ends of the wood.



Another strip of the glue across the top of the poster board held the second piece of wood perfectly to sandwich the poster board between the wood.




I repeated the same process on the bottom of the banner (without the twine) and it was done!



It’s seriously almost too easy for words!  You can write on this with basic white chalk, just like a regular chalkboard!  And it will erase with a dry cloth.  (The little initial chalkboard above it is actually a chalkboard coaster I added because I just can’t get enough chalkboards!)



This is going to be our blessings board for the season. After that, I’m sure I can find plenty of other great ways to use it!   In fact, I’m already dreaming of more ways to use this technique!  What about you?!






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