It’s the story of this house when it comes to decorating…when I can’t find that certain piece to fit my vision of a certain space, I have no choice but to DIY it.  That has the been the motivation out of which hundreds of projects and blog posts have been born, and my latest art project was just one more! After updating my bathroom with a new rug recently, I went on the search for just the right piece of art to hang as well.



After searching for a few weeks, I finally found the perfect piece for only $9!  The only problem was, I hated the sight of it.  The good news was, I knew it would be an easy fix.

Years of experience in DIY have taught me to think outside the box.  This huge canvas with a frame would be pretty expensive by my standards, but I am always seeing unpopular styles of framed art and canvases at various home decor and craft stores at clearance rates.  It’s just a matter of keeping your eyes open to spot the deals!



This one was at Hobby Lobby on the 90% off aisle, which is one of my favorite aisles. The size was exactly what I wanted with just a few small scratches here and there.




So, my first step was getting the canvas to plain white.  My husband removed the canvas from the frame for me in just a few minutes , then I gave it a few coats of spray paint, which helped to prime it.


After it dried, I brought it inside and gave it a few coats of white acrylic craft paint to get even better coverage.




I have a large collection of craft paints in many colors, so I chose the ones I had in mind for this piece, plus some white for mixing in to get a range of shades of the same colors.  I also chose some metallic gold for accents.



I don’t have special brushes or palettes, I just use basic craft brushes and paper plates.






As for the painting, I am just an amateur painter who likes to try new things sometimes, and so I have no professional techniques to share, except for what has worked for me.

My first recommendation would be to study some different pieces you like from Pinterest or magazines or catalogs.  Get a basic idea in your mind of what you’d like to paint.  (A painting with lots of white space and light colors?  Bold colors covering the canvas?  Soft shapes that resemble flowers? Hard lines for a modern feel?)  After you’ve found some inspiration, keep it in front of you while you paint, if it gives you more confidence.

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to your work.  Just paint until it’s right for you.  I added and blended and painted over a few things on this one until I was happy with it.  I also blended the colors while they were still a little wet on the canvas for even more variation.  And I added the gold accents last to give it some shimmer from the sunlight where it would be hanging in my bathroom.

Even if you have never painted, you should try it!   And if you become frustrated and don’t like it, let it dry and start all over.  I even like to walk away from mine and come back to it to see if anything else hits me sometimes.



When I finally decided I was done with this and we got it back in the frame and hung, I liked it even more– especially with the new rug!  (Source for the rug at the end of this post.)



A new lantern and small palm were just a couple other new accents for the bathroom to give it an updated feel.


Is this an artistic masterpiece?  Hardly!  But it helps to complete the space for me, which is always my goal.  And “home” is all about little touches of ourselves which tell our stories, right?

So, if you’re searching for some new art, think outside the box and exercise a little creativity.  Not only can you save some big money, you might just have fun, too!!

P.S.  For those who are interested in my bathroom rug, this is my affiliate link>> click here .  I absolutely love it.  It comes in lots of sizes and colors, and the price can’t be beat!

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